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Skipper training , mile toes, strong wind training

"Skipper training" in Croatia , including mile touring, strong wind training, etc.

Skipper training in the islands of Croatia. These are extensive training weeks in which the sailing practice of all participants should be improved as much as possible. Parts of this skipper practical training are among others; Tour planning based on the current weather report, meteorology, harbor maneuvers, anchor maneuvers, choosing the right anchorage, navigation even at night, correct crew management, boat technology, sails trim, if the weather is right, possibly strong wind sails, etc.

To participate in these training courses, it is NOT a prerequisite that you already have a sailing license, but you should already have some sailing experience. I would also like to point out that these training weeks are NOT swimming pools. Even if there is still time for swimming, it is still the case that there is plenty of practice so that one can improve one's sailing technique.

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