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Crew - our skipper team

An unforgettably great, relaxed sailing trip depends on a number of factors. The skipper also has important tasks. He / she should create exciting, great tours.

He / she should quickly form a team from people who often travel individually. Among other things, he / she is particularly responsible for harmony within the crew - safety.

For this reason, our skipper team "only" consists of

very well trained - selected - skippers.

Some skills are particularly important to us: extensive knowledge of seamanship, knowledge of the area, pronounced safety thinking, psychological skills, striving for harmony in all tasks to be performed ...

During the sailing days, the skipper should turn strangers into friends. We do this very well with many toerns.

In the past 25 years of our activity in the area of ​​sailing yacht charter, the JR skipper team has grown steadily and currently comprises over 30 skippers.

der segelnde Tiroler - Jojannes
Skipper Musti
Skipper Heinz
Skipper Karl-Heinz
Skipper Martin
Skipper Ronald
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